Saturday, March 24, 2012

Work folk and St. Patrick's Day

Last week Preston and I went to a banquet for a clinic where he works.  The banquet had a silent auction raising money for some of the counseling center's programs.  We WON something! It's not that exciting, but we did win a great water fountain thing for our cats, which we have been contemplating on buying.  We (I) were very excited!


We also got to spend some time with the wonderful and fun people that Preston works with.  The first picture below includes the other Psychologist that work at the Lawndale Health Clinic with Preston.  The lady to the far left (in leopard print) and the lady in the middle (wearing blue) are Preston's supervisors.

Tracy, Casey, Su Li, and Preston. Four of the five current interns.

Sarah, Preston, and Katheryne. Katheryne and Sarah are going to be Psychology interns next year! 

One day the power went out in my office building.  We all ended up leaving early because by 2:00 the power was still not on. Before we left we went out to eat. Our office building is in Greek town and it was a gorgeous day, so we ate a fun Greek restaurant with outdoor seating. 


St. Patricks Day!

This past weekend was St. Patricks day another beautiful March day. We thought we would go downtown to see the river turn green. I think the beautiful weather had everyone living in and around Chicago thinking the same thing.  ☺

There were SO MANY people out to watch the parade.   This picture below is just at the end of the parade route, there was half a mile of the route with thousands of people! We were surprised.

We did not stay for the whole parade. Heard some Irish music, saw a few floats and then were ready to leave.  I think these band players were ready to leave too. ☺

As we worked our way back towards the train.  We ran into this piece of "art work". Which when I drive to work, I pass this "art" and think "Hmm....what does this mean? What is this?"

Preston trying to be one!

"I gotta get away from these crazy legs, oh wait I can't see where I'm going"

"Always wanted to hang out with a bunch of iron legs"

We had lunch at EPIC BURGER!!! Been there a few times and really enjoy the place. We share a Honey and Milk shake, which has honey, milk, almonds, and bananas. Yummy!

Fun times in this warm March weather!

 One for the road: Normally after work the trains are crowded. So, I felt like maybe I missed the memo when I was the only one on the train Friday afternoon. Bizarre.

Where is everyone?

Hope anyone reading this is doing well!

Preston and Krystal

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