Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday fun!

Preston and I had fun this past weekend as we celebrated my birthday. Since both of us had to work on Monday (and Preston works late on Mondays) Saturday was my birthday celebration day. To begin, the weather was superb. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze, and warm temperature all day! Preston and I ran in a 5k first thing in the morning. Preston did an EXCELLENT (in my humble opinion) job running the race in 24 minutes, while I was happy with my time finishing at 36 minutes. The race was put on by the clinic Preston works at, and it was run through the rougher part of the neighborhood. It was neat seeing scripture along the roadside as we ran, and it was cool to take part in an effort to help the community develop a healthier image of itself!  We're looking forward to trying to improve our time at our next run.

In the afternoon we went to a quaint and dainty little chocolate shop called Leonidas (a Belgian chocolate cafe) where we had a chocolate tasting. It really was just like a wine tasting but with chocolate. The lady brought out several different types of belgian chocolates and talked about each one of them as we ate them.  Preston also enjoyed a Hazelnut latte and I enjoyed a Gingerbread latte. Very tasty event!  We also went by the Hershey store close by. 
Then we took a stroll down a few blocks and walked along the beach front....beautiful night. We ended up at the Navy Pier where we took a boat ride. Not just any boat ride...we road the Seadog, which is a speed boat! It was SO much fun. It's a big speed boat that holds up to 100 passengers and rides around lake Michiagan. Before the boat went back to the Navy pier, we sat still in the water watching a beautiful firework show! A lovely evening indeed and one of the neatest things we have done so far in the city. 
A picture of a picture...us in front of the boat...and you can see the city behind
A glimpse of the fireworks
Life is continuing as normal for us. I ride the L (train) every day to and from work. I have been enjoying the ride and I get to read and even crochet while on the train. I make a few transfers to get to work. The blue line is particularly crowded. Every morning as it pulls into the station I see the crowds sitting and standing on the train carts, and I think "I don't believe I will fit in there," but everyday I manage to squeeze my way on and sqeeze my way off at my stop! 
Preston is doing well at his internship and enjoying working with the diverse population. We had all of his co-interns over for dinner and games last weekend. They are a great group of people, and it's nice that Preston gets to work around people who share similar beliefs and lifestyles! 
We are very blessed, life is good, and God is great.....and the Steelers won their second game!!! :)