Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Bye Sunshine (lots of photos)

Well over the last few months we have been enjoying the last rays of sun and warmth of summer. Fall has started, pumpkins are everywhere, and the leaves (little that are here) are changing colors.

In August Preston and I had an opportunity to take some time off of work and enjoy some rest and relaxation away from Chicago - a concrete jungle.  We headed up to the little rural town of Suttons Bay Michigan where below you will see some photos of our stay.  It was PERFECT weather.

(We were very blessed to find me another bike for this trip since mine was stolen a week before we left. )
Broken lock :(
Fresh Apple Cider :)

Having Breakfast at the famous Martha's Leelanau Table

The water of Lake Michigan used to go all the way up to the light house.

Trying to break a world record - most paddle boats in one area (or something) we didn't make it.
Arial view of all of us floating together

Insane assylumn turned into shops and restaraunts

Us going on our 34 miles bike ride. Woohoo!

We climbed up some pretty awesome sand dunes!

Shortly after that came the Chicago Half-Marathon (13.1 miles).  Super fun! Can't believe I actually did it. Since then Preston and I both ran another 5k, and we look forward to a 15k race in November. Running is more fun now than when we first started :)
Before the half marathon - I like eating red peppers when running
Preston met me after the race - Woohoo!
Our most recent venture was to Minneapolis, MN. Although we traveled from one city to another, Minneapolis is smaller and quainter than Chicago. It really was a beautiful and fun city to see. Of course, we went to the humongous Mall of America....and some other spots around the town.
Our friend and Preston's colleague Casey!
Preston with his other friend Spongebob ☺
Lunch at the Spaghetti factory
Famous Stone Arch Bridge 

"The Stone Arch Bridge is the only bridge of its kind over the Mississippi River. It is made of native granite and limestone, and measures 2100-feet long by 28-feet wide. The bridge consists of 23 arches"
Candid :)
Homemade Ice Cream from Wisconsin...yum
We were actually in MN for a conference that Preston attended for work (Christian Community Development Association), and then he went to another conference in Texas the next weekend (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association).  

Overall, we are doing well. Continuously getting busier and more involved with the world around us up here. We started participating in our church's worship team - a fun blessing
Now we are just trying to see how long we can ride our bikes to work before we start freezing in the mornings. hahaha.
Blessings and joy to all,
Preston and Krystal 

Our recent Groupon find - We went on a walking pizza tour - learned a lot of pizza history and then went to Mrs. Field's store for dessert!