Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work and Play in Chicago!

Well, we have been in the big city for a month now, and we continue getting acclimated to this new world!

The most exciting thing that has happened as of late is that I got a job. A huge praise the Lord moment and we are grateful for answered prayers. I will be working at a place called Outreach Services as a "Bilingual Patient Advocate."  I will work with patients at hospitals who do not have insurance and figure out what they do or do not qualify for and how we can help them get insurance. Sounds exciting right? :) The start date is September 6th...a week away.

Rice Building - where KJV will be working
The office is located downtown in a building named the "Rice Building".  In the back corner of the first floor there is a pizza place called Giordanos...famous around Chicago for deep dish pizza! We have had one of their pizza's and it was pretty intense! 

To celebrate me getting a job, Preston and I went to Catedral Cafe.  Will Ferrell filmed several scenes at this cafe in the movie Stranger than Fiction, and I ate the best salmon bruschetta there!


Preston and I went back to Moody Church this past Sunday. We met up with one of Preston's friends from Mountain City who moved to Chicago several years ago. He and his wife (Philip and Meredith Potter) currently go to Moody Church. The church was having their annual picnic and we participated in that.  For now Preston and I will continue going to the Moody Church. It seems like a good fit for us at this time.

Moody Church is located about a block from lake Michigan, and so after the picnic on Sunday Preston and I took a stroll along the lake shore, and we happened upon the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is totally free!).  I can not figure out exactly why it is free, but it was founded in 1868, making it the oldest zoo in the nation. It was a very impressive zoo, full of polar bears, giraffes, birds, and even Corky's (our cat) cousin:

Corky our cat...see the resemblance?

We have also done a few fun things around town, such as an attempt to go to the Water and Air Show. Of course it was also a rain and lightning show, which made us leave the show early.
The storm!!!
Waiting for the storm to pass...
We went and saw the Buckingham fountain, which is pretty huge.  We went to a baseball game at Wrigley field, and although the Braves (Preston's team) lost, the Cubs fans were super happy, which was a lot of fun.  Walking home after the game, we saw a girl on a bicycle get hit by a turning car (she was fine, but very angry)...the bicyclists in this town are crazy! 
Buckingham fountain

Us at Wrigley field.
We went to this really interesting ice cream place that uses liquid nitrogen to make ice cream totally from scratch in just 3-5 minutes. :) At the end of the blog is a short video about the ice cream shop...if interested to know more.
At the ice cream store...not really prepared for the photo! But you see the "cool" mixers in the background!

Preston and Corky chilling

For the most part we are just living our normal every day lives like we did back in Tennessee...slowly getting the hang of things.

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