Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fall in Chicago

We have been able to enjoy some of the fall fun this year even without all the beautiful trees from TN. Preston, I, and our friend Casey went to a fun corn maze/apple farm/pumpkin patch, and I carved a pumpkin for the work pumpkin carving contest. 

Fall brought along a sad memory we will hold. The passing of Preston's grandfather. We traveled down to TN for the funeral, which gave us a chance to visit with friends and family. The trip was a sad time of remembering such a wonderful and loving grandfather.  We will miss his constant support and encouragement and his never-ending love. In remembering him, there are a few more words to read about him here from his grandkids: In honor of
Grandfather with Dean, Preston, Derek, Holly and Forrest
Upon returning to Chicago, Preston and I completed the Hot Chocolate race. If only we were able to get hot chocolate before the race, when it was FREEZING, but the chocolate afterwards was a fun reward.

Of course, with Fall there is THANKSGIVING! A wonderful holiday where Preston and I were in Kentucky with my mom and dad and sister. We enjoyed good food and relaxing time with the family. Yes, we went BLACK FRIDAY shopping.  We left at MIDNIGHT  (thursday evening) from my parents home and didn't get back home until 9:00am on Friday.
Playing Monopoly - I won!! :)
My parents were given a large amount of pecans and so we all gathered to help crack and clean the pecans. Very Thanksgivingy event.
My father and I usually make our not-yet-famous Chocolate candy every year.
These are the business hours posted where my father gets his hair cut.
During our black Friday extravaganza, we purchased me a smart phone. My first. So far, it has been quite enjoyable and there is so much stuff that the little phone can do.  It is very tempting to get back on Facebook; however, my simpler facebookless life is pretty good.

We will be back down in TN the weekend of December 15th to celebrate in Preston's GRADUATION!! Very excited for the trip to come and for the Christmas holidays which are fast approaching.  

Blessings and love, 
Krystal (and Preston)

Some gals from Urban Life Skill - mentoring program I'm a part of.
View from top of parking garage near our house. Top of Sears tower changes colors every month!