Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Graduation, Christmas and a New Year

The end of Preston's graduate program came at a nice time. Not only were we able to close a chapter in our lives but also another year.

We celebrated graduation in TN with friends and family.  It was a lot of fun getting together with the friends we have made going though this five year journey together. Most importantly it was a blessing to be surrounded by the family who has supported Preston's pursuits. 

I am specifically grateful the stress and time constraints of the program are over for Preston. He's actually getting some sleep now.

While we were in TN we also celebrated Christmas with Preston's family. It is always so much fun to be around the family and see all the little ones. We had the privilege of staying at Gregory, Eden, and Emma's home, who were very hospitable! Their parents were nice too ;)
The wide photo on top was an attempt to use my iPhone's panorama feature, but since the children were not perfectly still, you can seem some strange distortions on a few faces.

Poor Shay...she missed the photo since she was off trying to figure out her new Kindle Fire.
In a fun note, particularly relevant to our blogs title There and Back Someday, Derek, Meagan, Preston and I went to see a late showing of The Hobbit. Though the theater service was subpar and the drinks were flat, the movie was awesome!! Of course, Preston and Derek failed to inform Meagan and me that the movie would be a three part series. The two of us were surprised by the ending that left out so much of the story. Now we look forward to part 2. Kind of like our own personal journey here in Chicago...taking a little longer than anticipated. 
 On our way back to Chicago we stopped in Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with my wonderful family, who have also been such a blessing and support over these past five years. 
On actual Christmas Eve and Christmas we were home, just the two of us. We had a fun and special time together! We made Christmas Eve pizza, which has been a tradition in my family since I can remember. In fact, we connected with my parents and sister via Skype in order to share the experience together. Not quite the same as being with them, but cyberspace sufficed this year.

Preston's graduation gift was an overnight trip to Milwaukee and a show of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We so much fun together and the show was fantastic! (Videos at end of blog)
The laser light show was pretty intense.
 New Year's Eve!  Our second New Year's Eve in Chicago! Preston and I had a joyful time remembering the blessing and special moments of 2012.
We do have a few little resolutions for the coming year. Nothing too extravagant or difficult, like my resolution I made last year: To keep one plant alive for the whole year.  I wish I had taken a before and after photo…but here is how it ended. Alive? Yes. Barely. Resolution accomplished? Check.
We look forward to what God has in store for 2013. The specifics of our future feel quite uncertain at this moment, but we know God is faithful. “For The Lord is good and His love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations” Psalm 100:5
Blessing to you and your families this coming year  


Videos below: 
1st: Christmas Eve Sarajevo - Their most famous song 
2nd: On this very Christmas night (my recording got stuck, but it gets unstuck) 
3rd: Not sure the name, but a fun song