Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving post!

I seem to take too long between posting blogs. I know that Thanksgiving is far out of most people's minds and we are all looking forward to Christmas now, but here is our Thanksgiving post.

Preston and I stayed in Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday.  My parents were able to fly into the city to be here too, which was very nice.  They arrived on Wednesday evening before T-day and left on the Sunday following T-day.

Our first outing was to the parade. However, there was a pit stop. My dad is very friendly to everyone. He just wanted to say hello to the cop and to several other strangers in the city! It was fun!

The parade! It was quite fun and VERY cold!!! The parade was full of fun floats, lots of bands, and some interesting characters.  We stood next to a train line, and so all the big floats had to get under the train line, which you can see in the few photos of the parade that follow.

As I mentioned, it was VERY cold. The parade lasted till about 11:00 and we stayed there until about 10:00 am.  We did manage to go by the famous bean before going back to the house for our thanksgiving dinner. 

Preston thought this was very funny! :)
  None of us were eager to get up early and go black Friday shopping here in the city. We spent the day around the city going to the Navy pier, the stained glass museum, and the Sears tower (which there was a two hour wait to go we left).  We ate dinner at the famous deep dish pizza place and then went to the Water tower place to do some black Friday night shopping!  We also walked through the American Girl store, which was really neat. We had a fun filled weekend going out to eat, more shopping, seeing the house and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright and of course had the famous Chicago hot dogs.  We stayed busy for sure.

The American Girl store!
Stained glass museum

One of the largest Macy stores in the world. It's 8 floors!

We video chatted with my sister and her husband on Thanksgiving day. That was fun!

The nicest part, of course, was just spending time together. It's always nice to be around family, which we look forward to doing again in about a week.

I suppose the Christmas season is starting!!! Friday we woke up to snow covered ground ☺, Saturday I got most of the Christmas shopping done and we went to a Christmas party with some friends from church. Tonight we are going to the Moody Christmas services, which I hear is great!

Then, on to the more fun part of Christmas....we're going South to be with our family!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! :)