Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's been a year!!

The beach in Chicago!!
Whoa...already 1 year. Tomorrow, August 1st, will be one full year of Preston and I living in Chicago. It has been a wonderful year with unexpected opportunities and surprises.

Now it is SUMMER in the city....the beautiful city.  Chicago comes alive in the summer and we have had some fun visitors so far.  Below are some photos of visitors:

Candace and Nathan at the Cornerstone building

Candace and I at Millenium Park

At the Jelly Bean factory in Wisconsin.
Preston's grandfather was able to come up to Chicago for a day in June.  We had a fun time showing him around the city. Here's a photo of him and Preston at the top of Sears/Willis Tower!!

We also had my parents visiting in the month of June....

Flowers downtown
 ...and some friends of my from grad school visiting this past weekend!!
Beverly and Ashley having fun in front of Buckingham Fountain
We actually ate dessert at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse!!! (Dinner was quite pricey...dessert was all we could afford)
I had a unique opportunity last month to be a part of a tasting...ha...it was a taste testing for chewing gum, and I got paid. Interesting. AND much more interesting: Preston defended his dissertation and this is his final week as an intern.  He will finish up and continue at Lawndale Christian Health Center for his year long Post-Doc. 

Some gum and my check! Yay!
Preston at his dissertation defense
Preston and his chair for the dissertation committee...Dr. Hirsh

Again, it has been a great year.  One thing that Preston and I both have grown to really enjoy in this lovely weather is biking to and from work whenever we can. 

What I am most looking forward to in the next few weeks is our upcoming water rafting day in Wisconsin, and at the end of August Preston and I are planning to go on a camping/hiking/whoknowswhatelse trip. As much fun as the city is, it will be nice to be in some quietness of nature!

That's it for now...on to another year of fun times.  Blessings, Preston and Krystal

We got a free slurrpy on July 11th (7/11) at 7-11!!
On Preston's trip to TN in July - this is how much he paid for gas....a sight we may never see again. :)