Monday, May 16, 2011

12 Weeks Away

There are about 12 weeks until we move up to Chicago. It seems like a popular thing to do - write a blog! Therefore, we are writing a blog about our time in Chicago and on, I suppose. We hope to post pictures and write comments about our time so that people can keep up with our lives, if they want to, of course no obligation.

Where are we right now? Well, Preston's car died a few weeks ago and luckily today we finally bought one! Its a nice little car and it should last us a few years, hopefully! Also, we are looking for someone (or a couple) to rent our home. It's not really advertised right now because we are trying to get someone we know - or someone that knows someone we know. Make sense?

This summer will be filled with me working a full time/temporary/8 week job that does not pay much at all, but it's good experience. Preston will continue finishing up his current internship and continue working on his dissertation stuff, and we will be going through all our junk. We will be getting rid of a lot of things this summer. We want to move with as little stuff as possible. Even with just two of us it feels like an overwhelming task.

We are excited about our lives, which are currently filled with excitement, nerves, stress, joy, sadness, and a multitude of emotions. There are a lot of things to think about and do before we move, and its a growing process for us as a couple and as adults. Wow!

With love,
Preston and Krystal