Monday, May 13, 2013

January 2013 to present

The year began with Preston and me going to GUATEMALA with a fun group of adventurous folks from Community Church in TN. We worked with Mike and Kambria Robertson in their ministry to widows and children.  It was a blessed time. Check out youtube video - if you would like (at end of blog).
In Guatemala with the kiddos!

Laura and Shay and the kids

The weather in the mountains of Guatemala apparently remains a pleasant 70 degrees or so year round, which was wonderful to experience in the middle of January.  Coming back to Chicago after the trip, we jumped back into the cold winter that persisted stubbornly until recently.

 To have a little fun in the middle of winter, we went downtown to see a live recording of  the NPR quiz show "Wait Wait Don't tell Me" in the Chase Auditorium.  Some of the humor was a little off color for our taste, but overall the experience was enjoyable.  Plus it makes you feel smart when you catch some of the subtle political jokes :)  Preston also got to travel down South for a quick trip to see his family and spend some time with his friend, Andy.  He spent many hours behind the wheel that weekend, but I know that he really enjoyed seeing everyone.

 At the end of March we celebrated after I passed the Licensing exam for Social Work.  That was a big relief for me.  Preston has since become part of a study group preparing for the big psychology licensing exam, which he will take at the end of June.  The three ladies in the study group come to our house once a week for a few hours. It's a joy to have them and we pray their studying pays off. 
Master's Social Work License
Casey C., Suzanna Z., Lea K., and Preston V.

We continue to be blessed with the body of Christ here in Chicago. New Life church has been a great fit for both of us. Preston and another lady take turns leading the music on Sunday mornings. I teach Sunday school on a rotating schedule and have joined the church's new choir, where my guitar lessons are being put to use!  The church was just started up about six months ago. It's great to see the church growing and to be able to serve in our community.
Friends: Michael and Laura, Stephen and Amy, Dave and Noelle (and me)
My friend Amy!
Noelle, Dave, Me and Preston
 Recently, we spent some time in Indiana visiting with my parents.  We were able to meet them about halfway between our home and theirs, so the trip was only 4 hours getting there.  It was great to see them in person (rather than via Gmail chat).  While we were there, Preston and I went on a huge Zip line!
Getting ready for the Zip Line!
Even more recently Preston and I participated in a nighttime 5k.  It was a GLOW IN THE DARK run with a "Rave" theme.  It was really hectic getting to the run because of public transportation problems, so we decided to just walk home after the race.  We got plenty of steps in that day, and I could feel it for about a week!  Here are some photos of our evening:
At the glow in the dark race with our glow in the dark glasses. Yay!
Saw some kids and gave them our glow in the dark gear.
For his work, Preston and several co-workers got to travel to a conference in Atlanta that focuses on Christian healthcare.  He and our good friend, Casey, presented a workshop together about how to work with patients that do not comply with treatment plans.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Preston at the CNN Building in Atlanta, GA
We feel very grateful for the friends, jobs, and home the Lord has provided. Chicago is a beautiful city and 2013 has been a wonderful year so far.

We look forward to the rest of the year, especially now that it is getting warmer!

Preston and Krystal

"Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking." - Romans 12 (The Message) 
Can't forget Mello...just chillin' usual
Excited to find sugar free chocolate syrup. I know it's still not good for you...but going a whole year sugar free, gotta give myself a treat some times. ☺

 Here is the Youtube of Guatemala: